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This is a fun community to share scrapbooking tips and pictures. Thanks for your interest. We're pretty easy going around here. Very few rules. Here are a few guidelines:

• If you are a NEW scrapbooker, have never tried it, want to know how to start, please read THIS POST first. That will give you a good overview. Then you can ask any further questions.

• Intro posts are really not necessary. Posts about projects, ideas, equipment, organization of supplies, and the like are what we love to read!

• If you are into DIGITAL scrapbooking there is another community just for you HERE. We do have some digital postings and it's great to get layout ideas from all sorts of places, but this is not the place to ask technical questions about how this or that computer program works, because we don't know! We like scissors and glues!

• Please put large pictures behind an LJ cut. The LJ FAQ will tell you how to do so. Please put multiple pictures behind an LJ cut. A couple of small pictures before a cut is ok.

• If you are cross posting to multiple communities PLEASE use a cut, since many members are on all those communities too and will see your post 4-5 times.

• Please resize your pics if you can to make them screen friendly.

• Very occasional "I'm selling my extra stuff" posts are fine; constant ads from consultants or businesses are not.

"Look what I bought!" or "Here's links to the products I used" = Good.
"Look what I sell!" = Not Good

• If the poster asks for suggestions or critiques then constructive criticism is good; if they are just saying "Hey look what I made" then tred very very carefully before criticizing their work. Most pages cannot be easily altered once they are finished so criticizing is not always helpful.

• Our community memories are full of good stuff -- before posting the same "how do you use eyelets?" or "how do I get started?" questions, check there for tons of information.

• Let us be gentle with each other and enjoy our hobby together. Any questions or problems, feel free to email: meadow.walk@gmail.com. [Please provide links to any specific posts or comments you are asking me to review, in your email.]

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